vivo V15 – A Review of the Newest Mobile Phone

The Vivo V15 Pro is a premium Android smartphone that offers a lot of features for a very competitive price. It’s not the first phone in the company’s range, nor is it the most powerful, but it does have a lot to offer from a design and engineering perspective. You can also expect great performance from this handset, as it runs on the same underlying software stack as the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S5. If you’re thinking of buying a Vivo smartphone, here’s what to look for.

The most impressive part of the Vivo V15 Pro vivo v15 is its high-end looks and performance – it’s a complete package of beauty from top to bottom. It has a unique rounder edge design, with its gently curved back and side buttons making it easy to use. The manufacturer also features an impressively long battery life, so you’ll be able to make it last all day without feeling pressured.

The power button, volume rocker and screen touch button are situated close to the centre of the front glass, in fine detail and an easy to find position. The vivo v15 also has an attractive, soft, matte-finish plastic home button, along with two capacitive buttons on the side – one for the Google Now function and the other to launch the customizable user interface. If you’re wondering which of the two buttons is actually a home button, just remember that it’s easier to use if you can simply press the square button instead.

One of the best parts of the Vivo VR15 is its camera, and this is excellent for a phone in this price. The rear and front cameras are both exceptionally good, in terms of image quality and overall performance. You can take pictures of great quality at any time, although you might notice that you aren’t as successful with outdoor or low light shots. If you want to snap in low light, you should use the portrait mode. It might be worth getting an extra camera battery just to make it possible to take more pictures in this mode.

The battery life on the vivo v15 is surprisingly long for such a small phone. It lasts for more than ten hours on the sole battery, and even when you’re not using the phone, it charges very quickly. This means that you can continue using it throughout your regular day without having to worry about being on the lookout for a power source. In the event that you do need to find a power source, however, the micro usb port allows you to charge the phone from any computer. The vivo v15 is also impressively light. At just 140g, it’s the lightest smartphone available.

Despite its compact size, the vivo v15 has some great features. You can download a ton of apps, including some that you won’t find on other phones. Many of the apps have free trials, and the software is quite impressive as well. Plus, the vivo v15 has a very powerful camera for an affordable price, and with a six.5-inch display it’s easy to see why it manages to draw so many users. Nokia’s first mid-budget smartphone is well worth your consideration if you’re looking for a phone with a beautiful display, a great camera and a lot of features.