Vargas vs. Joe Corley Det. in 2022

The plaintiff, a government prisoner, said Bivens v. For Anonymous, 403 US 388, 91 s. : I. 1999 (1970). Plaintiff alleges that an employee of the Joe Colley Detention Center in Montgomery County, Texas, dissatisfied with his need for serious medical care, violated the 8th Amendment. (telephone information 1). The Joe Corley Detention Center is a private government detention center operated by GEO Group, Incorporated.

See the report on the contract between Montgomery County, Texas and the United States Department of Homeland Security for government housing and the contract between Montgomery County and GEO Group for facilities management.  https://govappsl.propertyinfo.com/wam3/printableResults.asp (accessed November 26, 2012). Defendant’s motion for arbitration is pending, motion to dismiss pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Constitution. ,

The plaintiff alleges that the following circumstances caused a major complaint: On Thursday, May 7, 2009, the plaintiff sought medical attention to see an otolaryngologist. He spoke to the nurse counsellor, but he said there was nothing he could do about it.  On Sunday, May 10, 2009, he requested further treatment, complaining of the same problem to nurse Jane Doe 1. (Scripture #1, page 2; #9, page 2). On May 13, 2009, when nurse Jane Doe 1 returned, the complainant had not seen the doctor and asked him to give her something for her condition. The Complainant woke up in the afternoon with pain in his erection, but did not give it much thought.. Later, when the nurse, Jane Doe 1, returned to the plaintiff’s house after dinner, the plaintiff discussed an erection. She said she would be tested for allergies. (Information No. 1, page 3). He left and the applicant never saw him again.

Later that day, at work, the complainant complained to the woman’s caregiver about her condition and her suffering. (IDENTIFIER.). Around 10 p.m., the security guard came back to count, and the complainant again complained about her condition. (IDENTIFIER.). He begs her to be patient and promises to tell her his condition. (IDENTIFIER.).

At midnight or 2 a.m., the applicant sees a doctor working. The complainant told the nurse about Jane Doe 1, which the nurse had given her. (Writing on role n°1, page 4; n°9, page 3). The nurse told him that the nurse had “now called him about a prescription at the store”. (IDENTIFIER.). On May 15, 2009, at approximately 7 a.m., the Complainant was taken to Conroe Medical Center and operated on. (IDENTIFIER.). The applicant currently suffers from erectile dysfunction. (Information No. 1, page 4).

Plaintiff seeks damages and punishes Defendants on this ground:

1. Prison staff, defendant Joe Colley was imprisoned, deliberately exposed
By delaying the treatment of a long-lasting erection, they are not content with the necessary heavy treatment.
2. Nurse Jane Do gave the Complainant non-prescribed medication which made her ill. And,
3. Manager Chris Strickland violated the 8th Amendment by neglecting and training the employee in question.