Ultimate Mats Logo Rugs

Logo rugs are an effective marketing tool that can be used at any business entrance. They make a positive impression on all who see them and help develop a solid mental picture of the company.

Ultimate mats have a wide variety of designs and colors that can create a unique look for your business. They also make great gifts for employees, clients, and customers.


Custom logo mats are a great way to promote your company or product. They also make excellent gifts for clients, friends, and associates. They are available in various sizes and styles and can be customized with a personalized message.

These carpet logo rugs are produced using a high-quality dye injection process to create crisp, detailed designs. This process gives you unlimited color possibilities for your mats and ensures your logo will never wear off!

Master Guard(tm) and Superior Impact(tm) logo entrance mats are manufactured with eco-friendly PET (polyethylene terephthalate) fabric, which is commercially launderable when backed with nitrile rubber. They are ideal for entrances, lobbies, reception areas, and service counters where high visibility is needed.

This mat is produced with the highest quality dye-injection printing method, which produces sharp, detailed logos and unlimited colors. This process uses micro-jets to direct the dye deep into the mat pile, creating a vibrant, durable, and fade-resistant image of your logo.

Supreme Carpet Logo Mats are a premium grade product manufactured with computerized MasterWeave(tm) tufted technology and Perma-Dye(tm) dying technology to provide the longest-lasting vibrant colors possible. They feature a thicker, High Definition (HD) nylon yarn with excellent color variations and details.

These mats are ideal for detailed logos that require shading, graduation, and highlighting in dozens of vibrant colors. They are a very cost-effective alternative to custom rugs.

Classic Impressions(tm) HD Logo Mats are produced with a four-color printing process that offers unlimited colors and more than ten times the resolution of competitive mats. This high-definition print is on a plush nylon carpet top using Perma-Dye(tm) and StainStopper(TM) technologies and is backed with 100% nitrile rubber.

The Waterhog Logo Mat is a popular indoor/outdoor mat with a unique waffle surface design that effectively scrapes shoes clean and dry while containing mud and dirt on the floor. This waffle surface design is bonded to a rubber backing, making it easy to clean and maintain.

These mats are made from commercial-grade logo mat vinyl material that is self-draining and resists mildew, abrasion, and chemicals. They are highly resistant to sunlight and hold up well in harsh conditions. They are suitable for medium-traffic indoor environments and can be customized with a professional surged nylon edge or a more heavy-duty vinyl edging for high-traffic commercial areas.


A custom logo mat or runner is an excellent way to show appreciation to your friends and family, and they are also great for business. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, retirement, or any other occasion, a personalized mat can help to elevate any event. In addition to being a valuable and functional piece of home decor, these products are also a sight to behold. With a variety of top-notch quality options, there is something for everyone, from the flashy and most expensive to the budget-friendly.

Ultimate Mats offers a complete line of custom logo rugs to please the discerning gift giver. You can even design a custom mat or runner that meets your exact specifications for the serious shopper. Start by selecting a color and size from the dropdown menus to get the ball rolling. A reputable supplier will then send you a nifty sample mat to see for yourself. Depending on your needs, the samples will be shipped to anywhere in the continental US within a few days.


Ultimate mat logo rugs protect your business from slips and falls. Moreover, they are a great way to promote your brand and increase customer loyalty.

The logo rugs feature your company name and logo on the rug’s surface. This ensures that your customers will remember your name and company. In addition, the rugs also help keep your customers’ feet clean and dry.

These custom mats also make your business appear more professional and upscale. They are ideal for use at entrances of businesses, restaurants, gyms, and other commercial facilities.

Many people think that logo rugs are meant for indoor spaces but can also be used outdoors. The mats are designed to keep your guests’ feet clean and dry in wet weather, preventing slips and fall.

You can also choose from a variety of designs to suit your needs. These rugs are available in different colors and can be customized with your company’s logo.

Some rugs are available in different sizes to fit your business’s requirements. If you want to see how your logo will look on a mat, you can contact us and get digital proof for approval before production begins.

The rugs are made of high-quality carpet materials, including Berber and Flocked. These incredibly durable products can handle high-traffic areas without fading or wear.

They are also backed with an industrial rubber backing to prevent damage from slipping and falling. They are also ADA-compliant.

These rugs are manufactured with superior materials to other mats, such as Super Berber and Champion Super Nop. This ensures that the logo rugs are durable and will last long.

A lot of logo rugs are also manufactured with intricate details. These products are crafted with computer-controlled color jets to achieve practically any design you can imagine. These are ideal for displaying a complex logo or artwork.

Generally, simple designs are more effective than those that are too busy. This is because they are easier to read and understand. They also allow the audience to focus on one image rather than multiple ones.