Tips to Upgrade the Android App and Game Development Process

The development of cellular applications seems to be the visit newest thing in marketing and the game world. Organizations that need developers who can change their vision into efficient applications and developers need an efficient framework for accommodating diversity and various application platforms and application genres. The way that is not too easiest to achieve this is to write a separate platform specific code for the same application for different platforms. It can take time, redundant and tiring for the developer. But Smart Developers take easy routes using cross-platform game development machines that allow them to write code only once and use it to Android, iOS and other platforms without having to maintain some code base. The following are some of the best game machines and development tools that can be used to make your game development efforts simpler and more useful.

• Edgelab.

Edgelab gives you an advantage over the development of games with 2D and 3D middleware machines that support Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

• Jmonkey machine.

JMonkey is an open source Java OpenGL Engine that lets you create Java programs easily and their port to compatible OpenGL 2 devices.

• Dragon Fire

If you are going to use Windows for the development of iPhone and iPad 2D, DragonFire is a place you have to turn away. This is the best tool for making interactive games like cakeorama and small trains.

• Shiva3d.

The Shiva3D developer claims it as’ most cross-cross-platform 3D game machine. It remains loyal to his claim because it supports almost all operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and iOS.

• Corona SDK.

Corona is probably the most popular platform in terms of cross-platform game development. About 150,000 developers have used Corona to develop various genres games.

• Unreal development kit

Unreal Engine III is a leading tool that is widely adopted for industrial practice. Now you can get your own free unreal engine version in the form of a unreal development kit. The most prominent feature of this kit is a sophisticated 3D simulation, games and applications that can be used on Android and iOS.

• Emo.

EMO utilizes the Scripting Squirrai language and is based on OpenGL ice and OpenSL making it an extraordinary open source framework for the development of cellular games. With Emo you need to write your code only once to run it on the Android and iOS platform.

• Libdx.

Libdx also provides advantages of writing code only once and spread it to different platforms. With the LIBDX framework you can write applications for Java 3D / 2D, HTML5 and Android.

• Newton.

Add real-time physics to your game doesn’t burn hard work. Use Newton, an extraordinary open source physics machine that lets you add physics into your application. Newton was fostered by ZLIB and free for everyone. You only need to know the basics of physics principles to start with Newton.