Tips to Hiring a Rental Truck for Moving

Regardless if one person is moving across town or to another state in the country, it is advisable to consider hiring a moving van or truck to use for taking his belongings from one point to another. Hiring a rental moving van can in fact be a move that is cost effective in comparison to making several trips to and from the new location with a personal vehicle.


Individuals that are looking to move should first look around and inquire about rates and even special deals as well as other alternatives that can be provided when hiring a truck for moving. Locate a company that maintains premium standards on their trucks and also towing tools. Though this might be pricey, it will be worth all the trouble. Inquire if the firm offers unlimited mileage and if this is not the case find out how much additional miles will cost.

Reservations and home depot truck rentals with lift gates

Technology today makes it simpler and easier than ever to hire a truck for the day of the operation. Reservations and research can now be completed though phone or even online methods. Although this innovation can make business endeavors easier, it is a smart idea to have a one-on-one talk with the company that you intend to work with. This can help reduce any chances of any misunderstandings between parties.

Inspection home depot truck rentals with lift gates

Before agreeing to hire a truck, you must take the time to inspect the vehicle completely. Rental firms often have a standard type of form for their clients to fill out and complete. While working on the inspection, look for signs of rust, dents, and scratches. Make certain that locks and latches on the doors are in working condition. By listing down any issues that can be found on the vehicle prior to renting can ascertain that no damage charges will be applied to the renters bill in the end.


During the rental period, the individual renting out the truck should have personal documents at hand. The documentation often includes identification, insurance proof, a major credit card, and a driver’s license. The typical legal age in these documents prove that the individual renting is responsible and carries the necessary insurance policies, and also shows that the person has the capacity to pay.

Weight Requirements

Weigh stations are common stops along the trip but this is dependent on the size of the hired truck for moving. It is wise to inquire if the company has ample knowledge regarding these truck requirements. The police in each state that the rental van is traveling through can also provide details and particular requirements about the legal requirements in those parts.

Other Paperwork

Lastly, you must make sure to have all copies of vital documents from the firm before driving the rental van off the company’s lot. These important documents should include the rental policy or agreement, trip report for the driver, paperwork and inspection sheets related to the truck and its various requirements. Proof of registration as well as proof of insurance are documents that should as well be in the rental truck.