Nail art design ideas for beginners

Nail art is the next hottest item after clothes, hair, and shoes. It is gaining popularity today because girls can enjoy tapping their nails. Nail art needs an old style that uses a variety of art forms.

Many people will be in danger with nail art, but they are afraid of it, because they think that designing drawings with their own hands is a difficult task. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult as many people think, but it does take time and a bit of practice. Here are some simple nail art designs that will get you started before graduation with a variety of designs.

Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners:

Color change :

It can be accomplished in the easiest way with minimal effort. Apply a different color to each finger and make it stand out.

The use of the polish effect

You can get a manicure to create various effects such as crackle effect, magnetic effect, crocodile effect and color change etc. You can find them easily to quickly put your nails in different directions.

Water Decals / Nail Wraps / Nail Stickers

You can also get tons of ready-to-use nail designs, including water-on decals, full nail wraps, and nail stickers. You’ll get this information along with instructions for use, and it’s easy to follow, even for beginners.

nail art design with stripes

Stripes make your nails attractive. You can use stripper designs to create stripes, otherwise you can use a thin brush.

make a manicure

The point looks elegant in an easy look. You can use dots on your nails to create flower buds. This is probably the easiest first step for a template free nail design.


Leopard and zebra prints are not difficult to achieve and make your nails look very cute.

polka dot heart nail

Valentine’s Day is a long way off, but this design is perfect any time of the year. Pink is cute any time of the year. To create this design, keep your nails clean and dust all your nails pink. Paint the ring white and draw heart-shaped dots with a toothbrush. Do dots of different colors of rose and finally use a coat top to give the design a unique look.

nail art with rhinestones

You can easily add bling to your nails and rhinestones are perfect for a party look.

Braided nails:

Fishtail Braid Manicure – It’s easy, and with patience you can get it. You will need three different overlapping color nail polishes. Allow time for each layer to dry and finish.

chocolate nail

This is another very simple model. All you need is a chocolate colored brush and some heart-shaped decorations. Apply a thin layer of glue together and apply a light coat of paint to your thumb and index finger.

color rhinestone half moon

A half-moon nail art that always looks chic! In this case, paint your nails black, then apply multi-colored rhinestones near the cuticles and quickly coat. Glitter Gradient Ideas

Try using a glitter gradient for a new look. Paint your nails with black paint and use a sponge to add fuchsia glitter. After drying, apply the top coat.

Water drop / drop nail art

For this, create a burgundy for a purple gradient and cover with a top coat. Apply toothpaste to one side of your nail to dry it before using normal nails. Half moon glitter gradient:

This gives it a very elegant and stylish look. If you like this, paint your nails purple and use a sponge to add silver glitter to the half moon area. You can use shimmer eyeshadow or dry glitter mixed with a color palette.

digital nail art

These models look great when finished. First, paint your nails white and let them dry completely. Then use a black stripper to draw black lines, fill some areas with different colors and leave some areas white. You may need to redraw the black line to get better. After drying, quickly apply a dry layer on top.