Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn

The summer months can be among the most difficult seasons for lawns, particularly if we reside in warmer climates. While summer is a time that many lawns thrive but it’s also an opportunity for poorly taken care of turf to face various issues that can result in stress and unhealthy health. By following a few basic Lawn caretips, we’ll be able to dramatically improve the health of all lawns as they weave through the most humid seasons during the summer.

Best Practice Lawn Watering

The watering process is the most crucial aspect of maintaining the health of your turf in the summer. The correct lawn watering techniques will allow the lawn to plant roots that are deeper into the soil’s surface, beyond the evaporation levels at the top of the soil. As the result makes our turf more heat – and drought-resistant.

We can gradually develop our turf into an extensive root system by watering only the lawn when it is showing evidence of leaf wilt and then give the lawn a full swig of water right at this moment. This is a simple way to develop a strong root system for any turf.

Fertilize Lawns In The Spring

A lawn at home that is healthy prior to when Summer begins is more effective way to create an enviable Summer lawn rather than put off until Summer is here and then try to make an aesthetically pleasing lawn. This is also true for Winter lawn maintenance.

Fertilization of lawns should be carried out before the start of the two most brutal seasons, Winter and Summer. Therefore, we must be certain that we’ve fertilized the lawn using a premium fertilizer before the beginning of summer to ensure your lawn will be in best condition when the summer heat sets in.

The Importance Of Correct Summer Lawn Mowing

The loss of moisture in soils is the main cause of turf problems during the summer. As we’ve already mentioned the possibility of addressing this issue by properly watering to encourage roots that are deep, but we can also assist the soil through reducing the quantity water that evaporates in the summer sun.

Although a healthy and strong lawn in full sunlight is able to be cut down in the case of lawns that aren’t ideal, their biggest health benefits in the summer months is due to an increase in the height of lawn mowing. This lengthening of the lawn’s leaf shaded and protects the soil from further loss of moisture, resulting in less stress to the lawn.

The same idea of insulating soil from loss of moisture is further enhanced by mulching lawns. In this way, lawn trimmings are reused back into the lawn, instead of being thrown away and collected. Recycling lawn clippings not just protects the soil of the lawn from the loss of moisture, but also provide a wealth of nutrients that can be fed back into the lawn, instead of having to rely on the cost and stress of using numerous fertilizers for lawns.

Lawn Weed And Pest Control

Certain treatments for lawn pests and weeds can be very harsh on the lawn, particularly ones that are used by the homeowner, and not by a professional turf care expert.

Do not treat for weeds and pests with chemical pesticides during the summer days that are the hottest Instead, wait until cooler days to perform any spraying. Or, better still, consider treating for weeds and pests in the spring, prior to when Summer is upon us.

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