Interior Decorating Tips Using a Sports Theme for Your Family Room

You are a sports fan who lives and breathes supporting your favorite sports teams and sports. You, your family and friends will all enjoy a room that shows off your team spirit and colors of your favorite team. You can get everyone in the team into the team spirit and get that championship feeling by using your family room as the room to cheer on your favorite College or Professional sports team. You can easily and affordably create a living space that shows off your love of the game while you cheer on your favorite teams to victory.

Start off by decorating the walls with bright and bold colors representing your favorite sports team. You can divide the wall using a chair rail and paint below and above the rail in different colors. Paint the bottom half in in the darker of the two selected colors. Another idea is to paint the wall all one color and add some sports-themed wall paper or wall border paper or even sports decals. You can then add some molding and then add hooks to hang and display sports caps, helmets or jerseys of your favorite teams or players. You can also add posters of your favorite sports teams or players.

Another idea is to paint the walls of the room in specific themes. You can start by adding a drawing of a football field, baseball diamond, basketball court, soccer field or tennis court. You should be able to find stencils online or practice with big sheets of paper before beginning. You can then add corresponding 인계동셔츠룸 drawings of sports balls in motion. Since a baseball is white, be sure to paint the wall a different color. For round balls, you can use everyday objects such as cups, saucers or plates to help you with the appropriate size and style. For a football, you should be able to find a template or you can create a template yourself. A football measures 11″ for the length and 5 ½ inches from the center point to the arches on both sides. Once all the drawings have been traced on the wall, you can then paint them and add all the detail and features.

For additional accessories, you can add throws, pillows and accent rugs showing off your favorite sports teams or their colors. These accessories will add that team spirit to your furniture and flooring or carpeting décor. Lastly, add sports-themed lamps and lighting products such as table, floor and wall lamps. You can also add a sports-themed celling fan. These sports-themed lighting décor provide illu