Information About Becoming a Psychologist

Psychology is an important field for human development and health care. Psychologists analyze human behavior and help people with mostly social or mental problems (though they can help with physical issues as well) work through their issues with the goal of helping them lead happier and more productive lives. It is a difficult profession, but a rewarding one, as it affords the psychologist the ability and responsibility to help people in their time of need. Psychologists also work in schools and government facilities as counselors, school psychologists, or social workers. Lastly, increasingly psychologists are finding employment in sports medicine and forensic sciences, helping with athletes and criminal investigations respectively. As you can see, the field of psychology offers a wide variety of careers and vocations.

Becoming a psychologist is not an easy path to walk. Before you are licensed and allowed to counsel patients on the difficulties in their lives you will spend years, first in college or university getting Disability Psychologist Perth a bachelor’s degree in psychology, then in graduate school getting a master’s or doctorate in psychology, before interning at a hospital, school, mental institution, veteran’s facility, or prison. Eventually you will be able to start your own practice or join the staff of an existing institution. While in school you will have the opportunity to specialize in specific fields like child psychology, addiction therapy, or marriage and family counseling.

If you are interested in teaching psychology or administrating psychology programs and hospitals, you will want to stay in graduate school for a doctorate. If you are interested in conducting clinical psychological research, either in behavior analysis or psychological drugs, then you will definitely need a doctorate in psychology. If you would like to run clinics, staff a group counseling practice, or help people work through substance abuse issues like alcohol and drug problems, then a master’s degree is sufficient.