How To Find Young Car Drivers Insurance That Is Affordable

When shopping for young car drivers insurance you may be surprised to find that some insurance companies will not even insure first time drivers at all, let alone offer a reasonable price. Young drivers with provisional licenses may well have a hard time finding insurance. Now its quite easy to get awesome service from private driver casablanca .The reason for this is due to the many serious accidents that occur each year that young drivers are involved in, resulting in many serious injuries and deaths.

In fact around three thousand young drivers are killed or are badly injured every year on UK roads. Estimations show that one in five serious accidents on the roads involve drivers under the age of 21. It is due to these figures that young car drivers insurance is hard to find and when you do find it, it is expensive. What this means for insurance companies is that, on average, they have to pay out for many more claims for young people than they do for more experienced drivers. Statistically, and in reality, insuring a young person is likely to cost the company far more than insuring someone else, so their premiums have to reflect this.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Becoming A Statistic

Since many accidents involving young drivers happen at night, try to avoid driving at night. Early morning is also a bad time, with many youngsters being involved in accidents. Try to avoid the temptation to purchase a fast car. Speed and young drivers do not mix well. Too many young drivers take corners to fast and end up crashing. Speeding is a big factor in the high number of accidents and traveling too fast will greatly increase not only the chances of an accident happening, but the chances of it having more serious consequences if it does happen. Purchase a small car for your first car. Learn the rules of the road and how a car handles properly before tackling a fast car.

Consider whether it may be worth taking the Pass Plusprogramme. This programme will teach you how to drive under several different driving conditions, including in town, at night, in all weather, on the motorway, and others. You can learn many safety lessons by taking this course and insurance companies like seeing this on your records and many will give you a discount if you can show you have taken the course.

It ought to go without saying that you should not drink and drive or let peer pressure let you do something foolish. You could end up badly injured or you could injure an innocent party.

How to Get Cheaper Young Drivers Insurance

You probably will not be able to get young drivers insurance cheap but you should be able to get it cheaper. There are many things you can do to help lower the premiums.

Shopping online for insurance is a good starting point. You can find companies that will offer you a 10 percent discount for purchasing their insurance online and it is very easy to search for and apply to several different companies who specialize in insuring young drivers.

As mention earlier, taking the Pass Plus programme can have a direct effect on your premiums. Some companies will offer a 20 to 30 percent discount on your premium. Stay away from large cars, fast cars, and modified cars. The insurance rates for all of these are much higher. Pick a small, used car for your first vehicle. Smaller cars do less damage when they are involved in an accident. They are also cheaper to fix.

If you are a young driver, use your head while driving, do not let peer pressure make you do something you will regret.