How to drive on the Naked Streets

Drachten, in the Netherlands, is conducting an experiment. “Hans Mondernman” has experimented with removing numerous signs from intersections, including traffic lights. The outcomes have certainly changed. Originally, there were 36 accidents in four years; now, there are just two accidents in two years. People respond in the following ways when a junction lacks traffic signals and signs:

They will slow down because they must exercise caution.

  1. They will converse by looking into each other’s eyes.
  2. They will agree on who goes first.

To summarize, there are no bike lanes or walkways in this new crossroads design, but everyone will share. As a result, people must be more cautious of one another, resulting in fewer accidents in the Netherlands.

In contrast, a road without traffic signals is known as “Naked Streets,” and it is one of the causes of Thailand’s road accidents. The intersection is where serious accidents occur because automobiles going through junctions commonly use high speeds. Unfortunately, if the intersection lacks traffic signals, the driver is left wondering which car should go first. As a result, here are some tips on how to drive safely on the road without traffic lights:

1.     Slowing down the speed of the car

If the intersection doesn’t have a traffic light, you need to slow down first. In the case of driving at the intersection at the same time, the traffic law requires the car on the left to pass first. But don’t be complacent. You should look left and right until you are sure that there are no cars passing by, so you can drive across the junction.

2.     Closing the Hazard Lights

When you come across an intersection with no lights, the drivers often turn on the emergency lights to tell them to hold on. In fact, it is the wrong and dangerous method because the drivers who come from the left or right may only see a blinking light in one corner of the front. This does not reduce the speed and may cause a traffic accident.

3.     Understanding the basic traffic rule

When driving on a road without traffic signals, you need to be aware of the basic regulations established by Thai law. In scenario one, if your automobile wants to turn right but there is a car in front of you want to go straight. You must wait for the automobile in front to proceed first. In example two, if your automobile wants to turn left and the car in front of you wants to turn right, you can drive together but must slow down.

These are the top three techniques that you can use when driving a car through the intersection without the traffic light. Before purchasing a car to drive in Thailand, I highly recommend you to purchase Car insurance in Thailand of Rabbit Care. Since if your car gets damaged by accident, the repair cost would be paid by the insurer. Moreover, you can contact the surveyor to receive roadside assistance service all the time.