How To Create SMM Panel

In this article we will talk about how to create smm panel


How to create SMM panel in WordPress? It’s really very easy. The first thing you need to do is to download the WordPress plugin called cPanel smm. Just search “cpanel smm” on any of the search engines and you’ll find it. Once downloaded, install it by clicking on the install or activate button.


Now you can login into your cPanel and start adding your clients with their email addresses. As soon as they have accepted your invitation, you can send them special discount offer in their email address and view URL from their My Account page. Now if you want an accountant for your company, how to create my panel, wpms, and windows server etc.


This is how to create smm panel works perfectly! Now I want to share this same tip, which is also in WordPress. You can get your WordPress admin panel installed by searching for it on Google. And install it by copying the given html from cPanel install screen shot onto your local computer. Open it by executing it.


Steps to create smm panel in wordpress


Open it by inserting your new website url. You can also put some text on it. But don’t try to add html codes at once. It may create an error. Now, visit your cPanel administration to setup password, username, email etc… You are done.


Now how to create a free smm panel is same like how to create a free email account. The only difference is that here you have to add your website url and you can use your username, password or email id if you used any. And you have to click on ‘Search’ icon. You will see all the available options there. Just choose the one you want.


Now you can connect your website to your Facebook and YouTube. Open those websites then you can see the view up box. Now you can create your same profile for both Facebook and YouTube. Open your Facebook page then just click on ‘Create Account’ link. On the other hand open your YouTube page then click ‘create’.


After that you will see two links. Click on the ‘Get Started’ link. The next step is to select a Wix App Creator to upload your website builder website. When you are done with uploading your website then you can already use Facebook and YouTube to promote your product. You can also use them to send traffic to your affiliate sales funnel.


There is another way how to create SMM if you do not want to use Facebook and YouTube. It is by using Shopify. They have an amazing CRM system that automatically connects you to customers and allows you to track all activities from every device. All you need to do is to sign up in their website and enter all your personal information. Then you can just login and start using their amazing software, features and tools, to grow your online business the fast and easy way.


Let’s say you want to sell your crafts via Instagram then you simply need to sign up for Instagram account and fill out the sign up form. When your application has been approved then you can now click on ‘Create Sales Funnel’, click on the ‘New’ button and enter your product descriptions. The next step is to choose your preferred website builder, from the list of sites available. If you are using a Shopify store then it is very simple to choose an amazing template. Once you have selected a template, you can start setting up your personalized Instagram website panel script.


The third step is to install the wix app creator, by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ link at the top of the Instagram site. Installing the win app creator should not take more than a few minutes. Once the installation process is done you can now choose your website template. Choose one that suits your business needs and taste.


Now that your custom web design has been created, it’s time to setup your Instagram sales funnel. For this step you need to sign up for a free Google or Yahoo email account. Next, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on ‘Widgets’ located on the left side panel. There you will see a widget box where you should select your new ‘smm’ plugin. You should now see a box where you can put in your product descriptions.


Once done, you should now log into your twitter account and click on ‘My Account’ located at the top right corner. Then go to ‘Social Media’ located at the left hand side and click on the word ‘YouTube’. Now click on the down arrow icon towards the right and set the’Pinterest’ as your social networking option. Finally, fill in all the relevant information about your business. You should now have your very own Instagram marketing automation fully functional in WordPress.

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