House for Sale on Ko Samui

The real estate market on Samui is dominated by villas, cottages, and townhouses. Most of the houses feature three or more bedrooms, a spacious floor plan, and a garden. Apartment buildings offer amenities like a gym, round-the-clock security, and management services. Tennis courts are also available to residents of apartments. The prices of houses on Samui are moderate. A large number of buyers are foreigners looking for a home in a tropical paradise.

If you are looking for a holiday home in the sun, Ko Samui is a great place to buy a house.

Depending on what you’re looking for, a house for sale on the island can range in price from THB 17,800 to over THB 409,600. Average property prices per square meter are THB 89,000. A 200 square-meter three-bedroom house with a private carport costs about THB 178,000, while a fivebedroom house can go for THB 26,000,000.

There are many types of house for sale Ko Samui. If you’re looking for a relaxing, laid-back holiday home, this is the perfect choice. The Baan Tai house has a private carport, an outdoor space with garden furniture, and a Thai-style kitchen. The house has all the essential amenities, including internet and TV. The price per square meter ranges from THB 3,600 to THB 409,600. A three-bedroom, two-bathroom villa in a quiet area in Baan Tai costs around THB 17,800. A fivebedroom, three-story villa in Ko Samui can go for THB 26,600,000.

Despite the high price tag, the island’s real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive. The average price per square meter is THB 89,000, and a 200-square-meter house with three bedrooms can cost as little as THB 178,000. For a three-bedroom, three-story home with five bedrooms, you can expect to pay between THB 26,000,000. A four-bedroom, five-story villa in an established beachside development is another option. The villa is situated on a spacious 3,400-square-meter plot that offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Thailand.

The price of houses for sale in Samui is very affordable. A two-story house with four bedrooms can cost as little as THB 17.800. A five-bedroom villa will cost around THB 26,000. This is a great choice for vacationers who are looking for a house for sale in the island. The price of a villa depends on the location, and the amenities of the property. It may include a swimming pool, a

garden, or a private car port.

The cost of a house for sale in Samui can vary from THB 360,000 to THB 409,600,000. The average price per square meter is THB 89,000, and a two-story three-bedroom house is THB 178,000. A three-story five-bedroom villa costs THB 26,000,000. Most houses on Koh are leasehold, and the price of a one-story villa is THB 120,000.

The location of a house for sale on Ko Samui is one of the most popular locations in Thailand. With gorgeous beaches, incredible natural areas, and beautiful nightlife, the island is a popular destination for tourists and property investors. The city is renowned for its high quality of life and is a desirable place to buy a house for sale in Ko Samui. You can buy a cheap apartment or a luxurious high-end beachfront villa.

A house for sale in Ko Samui can range from THB 3,600 to over THB 409,600. The average price per square meter on Ko is THB 89,000. A 200 square-meter house with three bedrooms can be purchased for THB 17,800. A three-bedroom house with five bedrooms can fetch THB

26,000,000. This is one of the most sought-after properties on the island.