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Change is a ache. I recognize. I own an coverage enterprise. Commission cuts (gashes, in some instances), the Internet, underwriting processes, the direct writers…You get the point. Insurance vendors (whether you’re a “captive” or an “impartial”) try and understand and react to the exchange, nicely after the exchange has passed off. The wheels of company America flip ever so slowly. I write this to persuade you why we have to embrace those and different demanding situations we are facing as Agency Owners.

To this, I lamentably must ask you to do North American Bancard Agent Program this which we’ve got already agreed is a pain…To trade. Not change in a bodily feel, as our agencies seem to constantly force on us, however alternate in a mental feel. In order to thrive in our commercial enterprise these days, it’s far virtually essential which you as an Agency Owner (now not an Agent-there is a huge distinction!), need to have an open thoughts and no longer pull away any possibility for company increase with out first absolutely investigating its’ deserves and detriments. Not each proposal or concept presented right here is for everyone. That’s OK. You must realize but, that except you’re swimming, you are without a doubt treading water. Those that tread water, eventually:

Drown (exit of enterprise, etc.) or;
Get rescued (are pressured to promote or merge).

The headline carried at the National Underwriter a few years ago essentially forecast that by 2003, 20% of the Independent Agency pressure might disappear. Now that it’s far 2009…How a ways off do you believe you studied it turned into? They would cease, promote, or merge. I realize I didn’t like any of those 3 alternatives, in particular if pressured to do any of them. If I desired to thrive, not to mention continue to exist, I knew the “same vintage way” of doing commercial enterprise wasn’t going to paintings anymore. You may agree or disagree with man or woman points, however all in all, every of my “secrets and techniques” is driven by way of 3 caveats:

Positive Mental Attitude
Keeping it Simple
I write this with the aim of retaining and perpetuating the Agency machine of coverage distribution. If you do now not fully consider that our way or lifestyles (goodness is aware of, it is now not a process!) is just as vital to our clients lives as their docs, legal professionals, and accountants, then forestall reading here. I do now not consider that we can get replaced through the Internet or the direct writing organizations. I do trust, however, that if we do not do a better job of pleasing extra of our clients desires and goals, someone else will. Insurance, specially personal strains belongings and casualty is becoming a commodity. We can’t allow this appear. As soon as our clients think about their auto and fire insurance as a commodity, we as marketers are expendable. We need to present people motives to want an Agent/Agency. If we do now not, we are doomed.

Secret #1
You are not an coverage Agent.

I repeat, you aren’t an coverage Agent. Yes, in keeping with the country in which you are certified you’ll be, but I am now not writing of the technical definition. You are the proprietor of an Insurance Agency. Preferably, you are a commercial enterprise owner. If someone asks me what I do for a residing, I solution in that manner. If an application or shape calls for that I write-in my “organization” or “employment”, I entire the blank with “commercial enterprise proprietor”, now not Agent, or self-employed for that matter. “Self-hired” connotes that you paintings for yourself (and your income). “Business proprietor” relates that your commercial enterprise (even it’s far best you presently) works a good way to generate income. The distinction is some distance more than truly the syntax.


Simply said, the self-pleasing prophecy dictates which you are what you think you’re. You must believe in your self and your skills, or nothing I can relate to you’ll make a distinction.

Many people who also are life coverage Agents, have heard some model of the “money making system” anecdote as an illustration of the necessity of existence insurance to a skeptical prospect. If you have not, it goes to the impact as follows: ” If you owned a gadget to your garage or basement, that each year became, whirled, and clicked and ultimately spit out $forty,000 (or an quantity relative to the respective prospect) you would sincerely insure it as you would your house or your motors, wouldn’t you? Of course you’ll. Then why don’t you agree with in existence insurance? You are that money making device, Mr. Or Mrs. Prospect. The point because it relates to this bankruptcy is -fold. First, and most obvious, is the reality that you, as an Agency/Business Owner, have the equal “machine” in you. Secondly, to thrive in our enterprise these days and the next day, now not most effective have to you insure the device but you must also feed the system. This is your enterprise. You have investment vehicles to feed your business, money and time. If you are not inclined or able to invest money to help your commercial enterprise, then for goodness sake, make investments the time! The time you spend on growing your commercial enterprise, or your shop (s), if you will, will constantly be back to you, with interest, assuming it is good time and conducive to the seasoned-hobby caveat. We all realize that time is money, however efficiency is income. We all additionally know that it’s miles better to work than to work hard. I, but, accept as true with that running difficult is simply as top, depending in your perspective. What I mean by way of this is clearly which you need to work smart to make sure that your enterprise works hard. I would rather make $500,000 operating on my enterprise at a self-decided degree of direct involvement, than 2, 3 or four times that in a scenario where my enterprise “runs” me! This is your business, treat it and nurture it as such.

Secret #2