Conversations With My Grasp About Quantum Physics


For 30 decades I studied with my spiritual grasp, I.F. Given that I look back again I’m able to see that he comprehended the Rules of Quantum Physics and he taught it to me in all the occult and mystical examples and sciences he utilized. Only he applied the language of your willpower he was training. Runes, Tarot, Astrology, Hermetics, Numerology and Egyptology.

It is only now when I glance back on reflection that I begin to see the seeds of your Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics in his quantum operations words and phrases and writings. Years prior to Quantum Physics became in recognized to your masses.

Now, part of my dharma is always to not simply carry on I.F.’s perform, but to also, to the most beneficial of my ability, present the golden thread on the Legislation of Quantum Physics that ran by way of all of The traditional Wisdom Teachings.

Right here is a really essential description of your Rules of Quantum Physics that I use as my measuring stick.

“There exists an infinite ocean of contemplating, clever energy called the Quantum Ocean, or even the Mind of God. All the things that at any time was, is or will be is contained while in the quantum ocean. There is absolutely no time there, No previous, current nor future. Just the Now! There isn’t any space there, just the HERE!. Therefore the Intellect of God or maybe the Quantum Ocean can be an infinite place inside the Right here-NOW!. Every one of us live in two realities. Our physical a single and our quantum ocean a person.

Inside the quantum ocean are divine blueprints, or Electrical power patterns or Electrical power matrices that when projected on to the Actual physical airplane grow to be A part of our reality.

Thoughts are factors and what we predict we attract out in the quantum ocean and into our aura. Our aura will be the Strength submitted that connects us to both equally our Actual physical actuality and our blueprint while in the quantum ocean. We become what we predict.

Here are several of your ideas introduced to me above thirty yrs back in the form of Review Letters by I.File. You decide the similarity on the Legislation of Quantum Physics.

I.F. mentioned that there is a blueprint for All and sundry’s everyday living, but in that blueprint there are several attainable versions and fluctuations,ramifications and lots of parts during which to operate

Each one’s blueprint for life is to extend consciousness. To grow and turn out to be additional aware of who and what we really are and also to reside in accordance with our blueprint. Nevertheless the way we mature is up to the individual.

Life is a continuing stream of possibilities. This is a decision in the really starting.

While you develop your consciousness you make far better decisions. it’s all a mathematical method. Use discrimination, knowledge and selectivity combined with well balanced living to construction a complete (HOLY) lifetime.

It matches so effectively While using the Strategies that ideas are things Which we build our lives by what we think. We predict feelings or well being, wealth and happiness together with the want to be additional aware then we Reside a full productive daily life. The greater mindful or god-like we become the better possibilities we make. The greater possibilities we make the greater acutely aware we come to be.

It really works in the other course also. The worse options we make the greater bestial we develop into as well as lessen our consciousness gets to be. The reduced our consciousness the greater bestial. It provides up an exceedingly attention-grabbing occult dilemma in terms of reincarnation goes. In keeping with a number of the Jap Religions you may be reborn as an animal. Some thing to think about?