Celebrate Big Birthdays with Style

Big Birthdays

Your birthday, apart from Christmas, is probably the most exciting day you will ever experience when you’re a kid. My children are known to start planning their next birthdays well before they even finish eating the cake from the one they have. Actually, my oldest was planning his 8th to 9th and 10th birthdays way before he had even turned 7birthday book.

As we age, our enthusiasm to celebrate birthdays often wanes as the numbers increase. Plus, the big birthdays often come at the worst time, reminding you just how quickly our years are passing.

First of all, there aren’t many big birthdays. The 18th and 21st parties will be great fun. But when you hit the 40s, 60s, and 50s, it can get a bit frightening.

Yet, no matter how much you love them or hate them – your birthday happens once a YEAR – or twice, depending on whether you happen to have the Queen.

It’s not something to be fought. This is a great excuse to be at the center of attention all day. Enjoy the day with your loved ones and friends.

You should celebrate a big occasion like a birthday. Consider the idea that the bigger the event, the better. You’ll always have a wonderful time looking back.

Celebrate the occasion

It’s great to celebrate a big birthday. But, how do you celebrate your mums 60th, 30th, or 80th birthdays?

We advise you to plan ahead. A surprise party for them can be a wonderful idea but this will require a lot planning.

If the person is in control and doesn’t like surprises, this is not a good idea. In such cases, it is better to approach the person and ask them if you could help them plan their next birthday.

There are always solutions. Throw a surprise birthday party so the birthday girl/boy knows.

You could either book entertainment they enjoy or arrange the appearance of a long lost friend. Give them something unique that you all have come together to purchase. There are many choices, but you need to make sure guests know where the secret is. It’s a smart idea to nominate someone to photograph the event, so that they can capture that look of stunned amazement on the faces of the birthday boy and girl.

A guest book is a great idea. It should be circulated at the beginning of the evening, while everyone is still awake and able to write. After the event, you can give your guests a record of all the personal messages they have received.

Even if it’s not their thing, they will be touched by private, thoughtful surprises. Offer to bake them a cake or let them know that you will share lunch, coffee, and cake together on the actual day.

It might be possible to treat them to something else, like a day of racing or a relaxing spa-day – this is a wonderful idea for parents with children.

Gift Ideas for Special Birthdays

For close family members and friends, it is nice to buy them something they can keep or remember for years. You don’t have to go to New York for weekend, but there are other special ideas.

Most watches or jewellery are treasured gifts. Particularly if you personalize the gift by having the watch engraved, or choosing jewellery featuring their birthstone.

Even if your budget doesn’t allow for it, why not join a group of friends? An experience gift may be the best option for birthday boys or girls who have always had a passion for adventure. It’s not uncommon for first skydivers that they will be receiving their old pension.

Whatever gift you choose to give, be sure to plan ahead in order that you are able present the gift on the birthday. A professional gift wrapper can make any gift a wonderful gift.

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Celebrate in Style

Our final piece is to have fun with your birthday and embrace it openly. They’re just like the big birthday balloons. At the end they’ll pop out and hit the eyes. If you let them, you’ll have a huge smile on your face.