Black Hair Care Tips

It’s a fact that there is no cure for hair loss. So if you’re developing a bald spot or your hair is thinning a bit, nothing short a hair transplant can provide a permanent solution. While there are a lot of possible alternatives to surgery, all of them will take some time to start reducing thinning hair and concealing bald spots.

The good news is that there are several different kinds of products that can instantly hide hair loss, and conceal baldness. These special hair loss concealer products can all blend seamlessly with your existing hair to create a perfectly natural look.The first type of concealer simply Влакна за коса tries to make each hair follicle appear fatter, or thicker. The idea here is that a thicker hair strand covers more surface area and reduces the appearance of bald spots. These products can often be in the form of a shampoo or conditioner, but there are several specialized thicker hair scalp treatments as well. This is the simplest type of baldness concealer and is best used with mild thinning hair and very small bald spots.

Often referred to as “hair in a can”, these types of products act as a sort of topical spray paint and simply try to camouflage bald spots by making them the same color as surrounding hair. The most popular brand, Good Looking Hair (GLH), has been a staple of television shopping for many years. While easy to apply, and relatively inexpensive, spray on hair is susceptible to running or being affected by moisture.

Hair is made from a protein called keratin, as are these specially dyed and statically charged synthetic fibers. After being applied, or “sprinkled on” the fibers bind to existing hair strands (even very fine, difficult to see ones) and provide a totally natural cover for bald spots and thinning hair. The major benefit here is that the fibers actually look like very tiny hair particles, so when they are applied the look can be very natural and virtually undetectable.

Topical shadings are applied directly to the skin of the scalp in order to mask the appearance of balding. This is really a cosmetic product very similar to make up that comes in a variety of colors to blend with existing hair. This kind of product is often favored by Hollywood makeup artists for its ease of use and effectiveness.