4 Play’n GO Online Slot Games Suitable to Gain Money


Play’n GO decided to launch some new online slot88 games to indulge new fans and players. 4 new games with the best mechanic suitable to make a big profit are ready to accompany your weekend. What are these games? Check out our explanation below!

ZZ Top Roadside Riches

ZZ Top Roadside Riches is the newest addition to the music-inspired slot game series. So, whether you are a fan of this legendary rock band or just love classic American rock, this game is definitely for you.

The game comes with a 5×4 grid and lots of Texas-inspired and rock-inspired symbols, such as buffalo skulls, sunglasses, colorful suits and more. The suit symbol has a neon effect, while the other symbols depict travel with a golden hour effect. The game exudes a unique 80s feel. Trust me, you don’t have to be a big fan of a particular and to play this game.

The function of the game is of course a tribute to the band and their music videos. You will find classic wilds and prizes, but you should pay attention to the free spins function, where you can trigger special wild symbols, wild leg extensions and give me all the multipliers you like. The former advances to a new position on any reel, and the latter is assigned to a random reel.

Naturally, Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons, and Dusty Hill can be seen on the reels. They will also appear when you trigger the free spin function, in which case they will come back to life, so you will feel that they are by your side.

Charlotte Miliziano, director of Play’n GO games, said that working with a famous rock band was both a pleasure and an honor. He added that working with the band for six months was an amazing experience. He concluded that this collaboration would likely attract a large number of players from all over the world.

Odin: Protector of the Realms

Play’n GO continues to favor the Norse mythology game “Odin: Protector of the Nations”. The provider released another Nordic style slot game, focusing on the Nordic god Odin.

Odin continues to protect Asgard from future attacks, while Thor and the other gods defend the kingdom. The player’s task is to use Odin’s magic to defeat the enemies of Asgard.

This online casino slot game features a layered hexagonal grid, and the scale of player wins is enhanced by harnessing the power of Odin. Odin: Protector of the Realms is a long game with 37 symbols to match, so players are content from the start.

Players can summon one of three powers-wisdom, glory and Odin’s power. The wisdom function will randomly increase the center and matching symbols on the grid, and the glory symbol will trigger multiple wild symbols. Finally, the power symbol will trigger the charging function, which will randomly select two symbols and destroy them.

You’ll find patterns like Frithiof’s Angurvadal and Thor’s hammer. This should come as no surprise, as Play’n GO developers always pay attention to the smallest details. The game’s art design is impressive, giving players an immersive experience.

Mythology is one of the most popular themes in online slot games as it provides players with interesting and informative history lessons.

Play’n GO has previously released several Nordic style games, such as “Freya’s Face”, “Viking Rune World” and “Ring of Odin”.

Yeti-Way Hotel

Play’n GO will surprise its loyal players and new fans. If you are ready to spend your weekend with the best slot games, then you should definitely give Hotel Yeti-Way a try. This is a story about a snowman who decides to leave the cold future and go to a tropical paradise. He finds a box of supplies and throws away the money, which allows his plan to be carried out.

Yeti-Way Hotel uses dynamic payout function to give you more chances to win with free spins. When the free spins are active, one or more reels have a 2x multiplier function. The snowman is used as a wild symbol and a bonus symbol in this game.

However, you will find snowmen wearing different outfits here. In fact, when you see a shark on the reels, the Yeti scuba diving reward will retreat, and Surf Yeti will add a wild animal in a random reel position. You’ll also see a bungee snowman expand to fill the reels, while a regular snowman builds up extra wilderness piles on random reels.

What makes this slot unique is its bright color scheme, which gives it a summery feel and is pleasing to the eye. Other than that, you won’t see any horrible winter snowmen here. In fact, you can look forward to relaxing summer creatures wearing sunglasses and sipping Coke.

Play’n GO believes that Yeti should establish contact with players. Snowman outfit changes add more visual effects to the game and have different mechanics


If you’ve been waiting to discover new worlds while spinning the reels in your favorite Play’n GO game, now is the time to shine. The software vendor released the sequel to the popular and popular online casino slot game GEMiX 2.

Thanks to the new inhabitants, the world of GEMiX is ready to change. Dark clouds enveloped the peaceful world of princesses, miners, and mages brought by the heavenly knights. Due to the excellent graphics and audio, players will be completely immersed in the game.

The game allows players to travel through different worlds, which also benefits from the introduction of new characters. GEMiX 2 introduces more immersive gameplay and could even pave the way for another version of GEMiX.

GEMiX 2 uses a 7×7 grid and layered reels to encourage players to match 5 to win. Both new and old players can spin the reels and have fun.

What players like most about this online slot game is its many features. GEMiX 2 has the same symbol as the original, but adds a new symbol, the Sky Knight. Each character is like a savage, triggered by random rotation. Remember, you can trigger multiple wilds in a single spin.

You will notice that the four charging functions dominate when the reels turn and destroy the symbols on the grid. When there are no more winning combinations at the end of the round, it will trigger a Super Charge.

Regarding the game’s graphics, players will definitely notice an improvement over its predecessor. Everything has been upgraded with bolder colors and realistic character designs, while retaining the cartoon nature of GEMiX 2.


Those were the 4 newest Play’n GO online slot  machines, perfect for your weekend. Well, it’s not always the case that those 4 is the best game you can play on Play’n Go, but according to it’s popularity and the fact that many gambling website highlight it, we can say those are the big bad four for player to gain money.