Best WiFi Router – How To Select A router That Best Matches Your Needs

WiFi routers are getting advanced day by day. The features and functionalities are getting extreme in every model, and manufacturers are always coming out with the latest and the best models. One can easily buy the best WiFi router under 1500 in India or any other country, as they are in huge demand all over the world. Here is a brief list of 5 Best WiFi Router Under Rs 1500 in India and worldwide (in terms of price) –

Linksys WAP-do(R) i-Fi Creon: The best thing about Linksys WAP-do is that it comes with an FM radio scanner. This combo comes with a wireless router and it also has Bluetooth. Links WAP-do has a one-year hardware guarantee, so if you have some problem with the router within the warranty period, you should contact them and get your money back. But, one thing I noticed with Linksys WAP-do is that it is quite slow in connection speed when it is used for downloading stuff. So, if you plan to download heavy website content then this router might not be suitable for you.

Netgear WouxooBox Ultimate XLS: This is one of the best WiFi routers in the market with great features and functionalities. It can connect up to three devices at the same time without any drop-down. It has a very good range even though it has only one port. The screen is large and it has very good sensitivity. It also has a nice design.

Linksys WUSBAD Pro: This router is equipped with WPA security. The most interesting thing about Linksys WUSBAD Pro is that it supports dual-band (HSDPA and GPS) which mean that it could connect to two wireless networks (preferably the wireless network of your choice). It works on an AC adapter and provides you with password protection for your network. It has a nice range as well.

D-Link DIRIS+ Wireless LAN Router: One of the best routers of this brand is the D-Link DIRIS+ Wireless LAN router. It is a plug and play device and does not require drivers. It has a WLAN feature (wireless broadband internet) and device management. It has advanced security options, so you are sure to get protected. Its ease of use makes it a favourite among home users.

Linksys Enik wireless repeater: It is another great device from Linksys which proves to be reliable. It has a single wireless port and can connect to either a wired or wireless network. It has a WEP feature and offers encryption on its wireless connection. It has advanced security options and a great range. You will surely love this wireless router.

Netgear RHSSA: The most trusted brand in the market is Netgear RHSSA. If you are looking for an ideal router, then this is the right one for you. This device comes with a lot of exciting features and is one of the best routers around. The cost is not as much as the others but you get all the value that you have paid for.

Linksys E PK Master Pro: It is the first device from Linksys that is certified by Linksys to work with the E PK security suite. This gives it an edge over other devices because it supports E PK. This device has a wireless-N device feature. You may connect to it wirelessly or through a wired Ethernet port. It has a great range and reliability making it the best choice as stated by Read Us 24×7 if you need a wireless access point for your office.

Linksys EOS: It has been designed especially for business to make their work easy. You will get a router that has been enhanced with advanced security and privacy features. It has an easy interface and the best WPA support. You can scan your network in just a few seconds. It is easy to use, fast and has a great range. You will not have any trouble connecting this device to your WLAN.

D-Link DReE: It is an all in one wireless device. It has two antennas that help you in getting a wireless signal. It also has a powerful processor that enables you to connect to a wireless network. This is a great router that is very stable. The price is a bit high but the quality and performance are unmatched.

Fortec: This is one of the best routers available in the market. It offers a blend of efficiency and ease. The router is simple to use and there are no complications in connecting it to your WLAN. It may be a bit expensive but the features and performance are worth your money. It has a dual-band processor and a single band antenna. With the Fortec Router, you are sure to get high-speed connectivity and excellent coverage area.